Meno is the A.K.A. of a multi-awarded Film composer from Barcelona.



Meno a.k.a the multi-awarded Film composer from Barcelona belongs to the Nowhere records label. His music takes root in impromptu musical collages using VHS and vinyl sampled loops, vintage tape machines, analog synthesizers, and live instruments. His influences range from Zappa and 70s funk to 90s Ninja tune artists.

Recognized in the industry as one of the most advanced and challenging musicians/producers in Spain, his first LP “Make a Funk Noise Here” appears like a hidden-for-years treasure that emerges on the seashore.

Every minute of his album transmits plenty of energy. In this time, when everything is about urban, trap, and R&B, Meno pays attention to authenticity (nothing is scripted/forced), reminding us why we are still passionate about tunes full of flow, groove, and funky feelings.
Old school spirit, adapted to the new times makes us look back while going on a new path using samples, and playing a multitude of instruments. Sounding respectful of what has already been done, Meno’s personal, overwhelming, and non-transferable personality manages to exhilarate us. Drinking from several sources (funny funk, the coolest rap, and the nastiest R&B), “Make a Funk Noise Here”, makes up a puzzle, which piece by piece and beat by beat, fits like a strap-on on your nice booty.
It’s a piece of great luck to have found this treasure, so now let’s dance until we get a stroke.