Sölna is the project of Miguel Arrieta, a sound designer and composer who works in the
audiovisual sector, making from documentaries to audiovisual installations in museums and
music festivals, such as the 360° piece «Perception» directed by María Sánchez Leiva
premiered at the Sònar Festival in 2019.
He is also a musician and trained as a pianist at the Aula de Música Moderna del Liceu. He also
plays drums and alto saxophone.
In 2013 he released his first and only work as Sölna, contributing a track to «On EP», a VVAA on
Barcelona’s Parabolic Label. This was his last published work, since then he has been fully
focused on his profession. In 2021 he resumes his activity and publishes again both as Sölna
and Miguel Arrieta, which was his first musical project.
His influences are broad and that is reflected in his eclecticism when it comes to composing and
producing, hence Sölna is now a project totally open to what has to come after a few years of
«Memories of an amnesiac» is his comeback work and is signed to the Barcelona-based label
No Where Records. A declaration of intentions of what is to come.