After several years producing records for other bands and artists (Honolulu, Nesta & The Blonds, The Lucies, Marujita, etc.) and creating music for commercials and fiction soundtracks, Josep Vilagut makes his first incursion with ”El Infierno’’ as a solo musician.

This album was created from his place with the help and the push of his two inseparable travel companions: Scarlett and Meno The Kid; two fundamental individuals to understand their trajectory. The album has the participation of Xavi Molero “Mole” to the drums and the exclusive collaboration of Miquel Sospedra in ”El Disaster” and ”Al Awakening”. Enriched by the influence of bands with which he has grown up, Señor Suerte has not wanted to set limits musically nor to reduce his identity, he conceives a work that can be recognized and embraced by any listener going through similar life stages.

Hell is the final result of the duel of Lord Luck, the alter ego with which the Catalan musician and producer Josep Vilagut debut solo. An eight-chapter album that revolves around the two meanings of mourning: on the one hand, the process to manage the loss, in this case, of the old life; and on the other is the confrontation, in this case with oneself.
Composed and recorded at his home, the studio La Masía Music Lab.