1978, Barcelona (Rebirth, Espai Music, Cr2, Bonzai Records, Manual Music)

This producer and deejay has a long history in the electronic music scene since 1995. At the beginning of 2000 he became more involved in the world of production and his dj sets evolved in the club culture of Barcelona and in the best radios of the city and the country.

It is in the mid-2000s, when the first productions by Iván Picazo began to play in his sets.
One of his first productions -Be Myself-, is heard by the Cr2 label.

A month later, Be Myself was positioned in the top 50 house music on the Beatport portal. From there, the career as Iván Picazo as a producer was launched.

As in his sets, electronic eclecticism is part of his productions, where not only house and techno come to life acclaimed by artists such as Laurent Garnier, Digweed, Roger Sanchez or Richie Hawtin.
Guy J closes out his annual set with “The Promised Land,” another ethereal track that promises long life to the music.

Hand in hand with true friends like Triumph (Espai Music), he embarks on new forms of sound.

His masterpiece, along with Triumph and the Valldeneu sax, is part of the collective memory of Barcelona. Soyuz (Rebirth 2013), will mark a before and after.

Nearly 30 years later, the boy who began cutting cassette tapes and cellophane-gluing them to make mixes, returns to the beginnings and shadows of a life for electronic music.