6XS is not exactly an upstart or a producer who just started in the dance music business.

The Barcelona-born-experienced in a thousand battles, clubs, afters and reafters- is a great connoisseur of electronic dance music, not in vain he has spent more than 15 years producing beats specially designed to let it go, float and dream on any kind of stage and place.

His thing is all-terrain electronics, which can sound so loud when the sun rises, or when night falls (everything looks the same in the dark, remember). In his new album, “The Last Thinks”, 6xyears demonstrates his absolute control of tempo and beat (always full of punch and rage), seasoning both with an extreme taste for vocal melody closer to cadenced post punk, melody-friendly electro, and narcotic oneirism.

Music to tighten jaws and dance with your eyes closed. A collection of songs that refer to the best of dancefloor electronic music, threadbare electro techno and the most muscular and amphetamine disco music. A new demonstration that within electronic music – either focused to the dancefloor or destined to less physical aims – not everything is yet said, nor listened nor danced, as it is more than patent in this new delivery of one of the most thriving and eclectic record labels of the Condal City, No Where Records




Reference: NW005LP Realease

Date: 5/02/2021