Smells Like a Dead Bunnie

 6XS and Triumph join forces in their debut single under the underground Barcelona-based label No Where Records. “Smells Like a Dead Bunnie” is a sonic bomb that reveals the audacity and experimentation of these two producers, blending electronic elements with punk soul and an astonishing mix of genres and musical styles.

It is evident that in this thrilling and innovative project, 6XS and Triumph showcase their passion and enjoyment, creating a track that overflows with authenticity and rebellion.

“Smells Like a Dead Bunnie” exudes a vibrant and energetic attitude in a daring musical composition that defies conventions and showcases a bold approach where both artists present one of the many creative visions within electronic music. 6XS injects a dizzying immediacy, infusing vitality and overwhelming energy. Their dynamic and energetic style takes the track to new heights, keeping the listener hooked at every moment. 6XS demonstrates their skill and ability to push the creative boundaries of electronic music. On the other hand, Triumph ventures beyond the usual musical horizons, introducing new sounds that will surprise followers. With their ability to explore different musical facets, Triumph showcases versatility and artistic audacity that leaves an indelible mark on “Smells Like a Dead Bunnie”. The debut of 6XS and Triumph, “Smells Like a Dead Bunnie,” is just the first glimpse of a promising collaboration.

These two independent producers are determined to showcase their musical vision and their ability to break away from established norms. This provocative anthem reaffirms innovation and diversity in the current electronic music scene. “Smells Like a Dead Bunnie” promises to take listeners on a vibrant and eclectic journey that challenges established norms in electronic music.

About 6XS: 6XS is an independent producer recognized for their immediate approach, vitality, and infectious energy in electronic music. With a rebellious and fresh attitude, 6XS has made a unique mark in the underground scene.

About Triumph: Triumph is a talented producer who constantly pushes the boundaries of electronic music, exploring new sounds and registers that surprise and captivate listeners. With their avant-garde approach and artistic audacity, Triumph has established themselves as a prominent figure in the independent scene.


Smells Like a Dead Bunnie


Reference: NW0010EP 

Realease Date: 14/07/2023